Fishing in the Maldives

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Join Emilie Björkman, a seasoned fly fisher and TV host, as she embarks on a journey from the icy rivers of Sweden to the warm waters of the Maldives. Like the salmon she so cherishes, Emilie aims to grow as an angler. In winter 2024, she sets her sights on the elusive Giant Trevally. Tune in and experience this extraordinary journey between freshwater and saltwater, from hatching to growth.

Emilie, a seasoned angler, developed her passion for fishing from her mother. She embraced fly fishing at the age of 15, and her first salmon catch over a decade ago was a game-changer. Today, Emilie embarks on a thrilling new adventure - saltwater fishing in the stunning Maldives, with its blazing sun, azure waters, and elusive fish species.

With the invaluable support of local fishing experts, who grew up on the reefs, Emilie tackles the challenge of catching the formidable GTs. But it's no easy feat. Each cast counts, as mere six or seven attempts can alert the fish to the deception, causing them to vanish into the depths.

Crucial to Emilie's success is having the right equipment. Among her must-haves are her VALLON sunglasses. These premium sunglasses provide superior visibility and protection, a critical edge when scanning the water for that elusive catch. As Emilie grows as a fisherman and takes on new challenges, VALLON sunglasses are her trusted companion, proving that the right gear can indeed make a world of difference.

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