Mangroves, Malizia, and one million trees

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Whilst rainforest reforestation, re-usable plastics and renewable energy sources may monopolize the headlines in the bid to halt the Climate Crisis, there is a surprising secret weapon that until recently has gone under the radar.

Located in tropical environments across the globe, mangroves are a unique ecosystem that join the worlds of sea and land together. The trees are uniquely adapted to the conditions, possessing the ability to filter out salt and 'breathe' through their roots in order to survive and thrive.

Malizia Mangrove Tree Planting

 Along with the rainforests, mangroves are the most important ecosystem in the world, playing a vital role in protecting coral reefs and shorelines from erosion, providing breeding areas for fish and offering food for birds, reptiles, crabs and other marine life. 

In addition to the plethora of benefits for wildlife and coastal communities, mangroves are powerhouses when it comes to carbon storage. Studies have indicated that, pound for pound, mangroves can retain four times more carbon than rainforests, most of this which is stored in the soil beneath mangrove trees. 

Without doubt, these incredible ecosystems must be protected, and if we are to really take strides forward in restricting the environmental damage we are doing to the planet, then mangroves should surely be playing a significant role.

So, where do we come into this? Through our partnership with Team Malizia and Boris Herrmann (in the final stages of his Vendèe Globe challenge), we are supporting their project to populate the Malizia Mangrove Park in The Philippines with one million new mangroves. At present, 60,000 have been planted by the local teams, so there is a long way to go before the goal is reached.

When you make a purchase of the Howlin' Malizia Edition glasses, as worn by Boris on his epic voyage, you will be planting 10 mangrove trees at the park, helping the team get a step closer to reaching their final goal.

Importantly, in order to remain transparent about the progress made and the impact that the planters are having, the team publish results monthly and accompany them with drone recordings from drone and Google Earth maps images. Check out the Malizia Park website for all the latest news.


For each pair of Malizia eyewear sold, we will be planting 10 mangroves at the park.

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