Spending time in nature is core to everything we do. We're big advocates for the importance of nature connectedness, believing that time spent outdoors not only brings health and endless joy but also strengthens your desire to protect the natural world.

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1 kg plastic waste recycled for every pair sold

VALLON was founded with a clear objective to support and promote cleanups, minimizing the amount of plastics that pollute ecosystems and enter our food chains. We commit to donate so that for every pair of sunglasses or goggles sold, 1 kg of plastic waste is cleaned up and recycled on your behalf, with every donation fully traceable using blockchain technology. To date, our community has helped clean up over 105 tonnes of plastic waste in eight countries, all while financially supporting local communities.

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Frames made from 85% recycled fishing nets

In addition to funding plastic cleanups all over the world we also make frames from recycled plastics. We have launched several performance sunglasses made from 85% recycled fishing nets collected and cleaned in India. The plastic is then transformed into a strong and highly durable nylon 6 material, ensuring the same high-performance capabilities and longevity from sustainable materials as you would get from non-sustainable ones.

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10 mangroves planted for every pair sold

In 2023 we partnered with Boris Herrmann and Team Malizia to develop the world's best sailing sunglasses made from sustainable materials.

Team Malizia, who famously helped to sail Greta Thunberg on her carbon-free voyage across the Atlantic, are sailing to raise awareness for climate change. A key initiative of theirs is the Malizia Mangrove Park which is on its way to plant 1 million mangroves.

For every pair of VALLON Malizia sold we will donate 10 mangroves to the Malizia Mangrove Park.

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Delivered plastic-free

We are experiencing a single-use plastic pandemic. We want to do our part to not contribute to the problem, which is why all our products are delivered plastic free in a VALLON box.

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