Fishing Sunglasses

Technical vision, sustainable design. Polarized sunglasses for inshore and offshore fishing.

Our passion for fishing is rooted in our commitment to preserving the rivers we grew up fishing in. That's why we set out to create the world’s greatest sustainable fishing sunglasses, the Revivals.


Essential vision

Catch the big one with clarity. Polarized lenses are never more important when you're on or near water. They cut glare, reduce eyestrain and enhance your vision, whether you're in a small stream or out on the open ocean. All our fishing sunglasses come with polarized high-performance lenses.


Choose the right lens tint

For inshore the Freshwater Revivals are the perfect choice as the V52® brown lens creates a higher visual contrast, ideal for streams and lakes.

For fishing at sea, the Saltwater Revivals come with VALLON's proprietary grey-tinted V52® optics, providing exceptional clarity. Grey tint lenses are ideal for fishing in bright and sunny conditions, and a mirror coating reduces eyestrain for all-day comfort.

Our Heron Ocean are a unique maximum protection design for offshore fishing, with a grey tint ideal for saltwater fishing.


Environment balance

Our Revivals are designed with frames made from 85% recycled fishing nets fused into a highly durable nylon 6. Flexible and strong, this material is perfect for performance sunglasses.


Protective case

The Revivals come protected in a functional case equipped with both a clip-on hook and belt straps, meaning it can be worn on all your fishing adventures. They are delivered plastic free in our VALLON box.

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