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Howlin' Prescription (Rx) model. A rounded aviator design crafted from premium acetate, fitted with superior polarized performance lenses from the world leading manufacturer of prescription lenses Essilor. They come with an optional headstrap for sporty pursuits. Whether you're trail running, kayaking, sailing, or climbing, the headstrap guarantees your sunglasses stay on at all times. The goal was to create functionality at its best-looking - a pair of sunglasses for every occasion - and the bestselling Howlin' are proving to be the most versatile sunglasses on the market.


  1. Place your order for a VALLON Rx product.
  2. Receive an email from us with a request for your prescription.
  3. Reply back to our email with your prescription attached.
  4. Receive your new VALLON Rx (prescription) product within 30 days of order approval.

    (Note: the only corrections that are taken into consideration are the Spherical and Cylindrical (astigmatism) corrections. We are not able to accommodate requests for progressive lenses at this time).

For any other questions about the ordering process learn more here.


All prescription lenses are custom-made by a professional optician. Please note it is therefore not possible to return any prescription products.

In the rare case that the prescription has an error we will remake the sunglasses for free. Learn more about our warranty terms here.



Maximum protection lenses

The polarized Cat. 3 lenses from Essilor are finished with their proprietary Crizal® technology. They feature double-sided anti-reflective UV395 protection (100% UV protection), anti-scratch, and hydro-oleophobic coatings to shield from dirt and water. With an ABBE value of 41, they offer superior clarity for sports prescription lenses.


Industry experts since 1976

Our partner for prescription lenses are the respected Oogappel Opticians. Based in the historic Museumplein of Amsterdam, they have been servicing the eyewear industry for decades, and continue to uphold the highest standards of optical excellence.

Prescription FAQ

We currently only offer Rx lenses for the Howlin' and Heron collections.

Spherical -8.00 cyl +2.00 and Spherical +4.00 cyl +2.00.

The only corrections that are taken into consideration are the Spherical and Cylindrical (astigmatism) corrections.

At present we are only able to offer photochromic and prism lenses on Howlin’ Rx sunglasses, for an additional cost. Please send a message to our Customer Support team after placing your order for any special requests.

No, we currently do not offer bifocal, varifocal, or progressive lenses.

Yes. VALLON Rx (prescription) lenses are built with Cat. 3 / Cat. 4 lenses, finished with Crizal® technology. These lenses are developed with double-sided anti-reflective UV395 protection (100% UV protection).

VALLON Rx (prescription) products do not block harmful blue light from devices such as LED screens. However, the blue light found in natural light is not harmful to the eye.

No. Glass (mineral) lenses are not currently available in VALLON products. Glass and mineral lenses are not commonly used in sports eyewear as they are susceptible to shattering, which makes them unsafe for certain sports.

Yes, as long as your prescription is within the range specified.

Yes, as long as your prescription is within the range specified.

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