The VALLON Summer Sunglasses Guide 2023

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Summer has arrived, so we've rounded up our top picks to accompany you on all your sporting and social adventures this year.


For lazy days at the beach:

Surf Aviators

Effortlessly exuding 70's style, the Surf Aviators are the perfect partner for lazy afternoons soaking up the sun on the beach. Polarized, durable and undeniably eye-catching, these shades will always turn heads.

For ocean adventures:

Heron Ocean, Howlin', Waylons

Proper eye protection is most important when out on the water due to the powerful reflections off the surface, so we have picked three options with a polarized category 3 lens. 

Whether it's sailing, kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boarding, there is always the risk of your glasses falling overboard. Both Howlin' and Waylons come with a detachable headstrap and the Heron Ocean feature adjustable temples that can be shaped to fit perfectly around the ears.

For hiking:

Heron Mountain

Alpine life is not just about snow-topped mountains and ski slopes. In summer, there is nothing better than hiking to a hilltop bar to enjoy a cold Pilsner with friends!

If you want added protection from side glare, the iconic Heron Mountain glasses are for you. Styled on a classic alpine design, these lightweight, durable frames are perfect for the long summer days.

For the allrounder:


Sometimes you just want to be prepared for whatever your day might throw at you, and you need sunglasses that perform on the water, by the beach, and up a mountain as well as look great at the bar or at a wedding. Waylons adopt a classic lifestyle design that looks great in sporting and social situations. 

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