Reaching new heights: updates from our climbing athletes

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It has been a busy summer for our athletes, and none more so than our climbers, with Adriana Brownlee, Mary-Claire Rijsman, and Peter Naituli all taking big strides towards achieving their goals. Here's a quick update on their activities this summer and the personal milestones they've reached.


Adriana Brownlee

Continuing on her quest to conquer all 14 8000m peaks, Adriana has now become the youngest woman to summit K2, as well as the youngest woman to summit 10 8000m mountains. Since the season began in April, she has ticked off an incredible 6 more ascents:

Nanga Parbat, Broad Peak, Makalu, Annapurna, Lhotse, Kanchenjunga

She is heading back to Nepal shortly and is planning to complete the full 14 next year. 

Adriana wears Heron Glacier and Freebirds™ on her climbs.


Mary-Claire Rijsman

In pursuit of conquering the highest peak of every continent, Mary-Claire has ticked off Kosciuszko (Australia) and Mount Elbrus (Russia), with the latter climb meaning she became the first Dutch climber to summit both sides of Europe's highest peak!

These achievements added to a Kilimanjaro ascent in February earlier this year.

Mary-Claire wears Heron Glacier glasses.



Peter Naituli

Following his incredible achievement of climbing Mt Kenya barefoot, this summer saw the release of the brilliant documentary, "Cold Feet" filmed, edited, and produced by Ash Mulama.

It has been well received and selected by a number of iconic film festivals globally, and now, we are happy to announce that you can watch it for free on YouTube. He isn't slowing down and assures us that there are some even bigger projects on the horizon!

Watch the film here, or check out our interview with Peter from earlier this year

Peter wears Heron Mountain, Howlin' and Surf Aviators.

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