6 reasons why Howlin’ are the most versatile sunglasses ever made.

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When it comes to sunglasses, for too long we’ve been forced to choose between high-performance and cool design, Star Trek specs or Steve McQueen shades, functional frames, or fashion spectacles. 

But most people enjoy a balance between sporting and leisure pursuits, so isn’t it about time someone recognized this and delivered a product that excels in both?

That’s why we made it our mission to create the most versatile sports sunglasses ever made, bridging the gap between technical excellence and indisputable style. The result? Howlin'; the sunglasses in which you can go trail-running in the morning and hit up a wedding in the afternoon. 


1.     Functionality at its best-looking

Sports eyewear has a tendency to always look a certain way; fast, colorful, and with a look that you don't exactly feel comfortable wearing for everyday life. We think you shouldn't have to compromise between style and performance, so the Howlin' combines both. 

The elegant 80s-inspired design is made from premium acetate in classic colors, matched with technical materials to ensure these are the best-looking sports sunglasses we know. 

Along with the classic jet-black frame, Howlin’ are available in tortoise and grey, like the Malizia Edition, worn by German sailor, Boris Herrmann, during the 2020/21 round-the-world Vendée Globe race.

2.     They’re designed for sport, leisure, and everything in between.

We wanted to create a pair of sunglasses that would look great and perform across a wide range of sports and lifestyle activities, so in true VALLON-style, we took the classic design and enhanced it with the latest material technology and features.

No one wants to be left red-faced and bare-eyed by shades falling off when you’re in the zone, so a comfortable and secure fit is a priority. By integrating a detachable and adjustable headstrap, even the most rigorous activity won’t dislodge the Howlin'. The strap also allows you to keep them on your head or around your neck.

The slightly curved lens which protects against side-glare is a staple of sports eyewear and sets the model apart from lifestyle designs. These features when combined are invaluable whether you're our canoeing, sailing, fishing, ski touring, climbing, or hiking.  


3.     Material quality you can truly rely on.

Sunglasses take a beating over their lifetime. To survive long days out and being hastily thrown into backpacks it is crucial that the materials used are of high quality.

We made the Howlin' strong and flexible, to ensure not only a great fit, but a durable pair of sunglasses that will stand the test of time. The nylon polyamide lens is highly impact resistant and has an optical clarity which far exceeds common polycarbonate lenses. They come delivered in our faux-leather VALLON case to protect against your last-minute packing attempts. 


4.     They are helping to clear the planet of plastic waste.

Increasingly nowadays we see images of our natural world tarnished by plastic packaging, bottles, shopping bags, and other non-degradable products. We recognize our responsibility as producers to actively offset the new plastic material we create, so working together with Empower, we ensure you will clean up 1 kg of plastic waste when you purchase any of our sunglasses. To date, this has been over 51 tons, the equivalent of over 4.1 million plastic bottles.

We use bio-based polymer cellulose acetate, derived from natural sources in the frame. As with all our eyewear, we ship using plastic-free packaging to minimize our impact on the natural world we value so much.

5.     They offer real protection. 

With a category 3 rated lens, Howlin' ensures 100% UVA/UVB protection. The high-tech nylon polyamide lens is also curved and polarized to reduce harmful glare on surfaces like water, snow, and ice, meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that your eyes are fully protected.


6.     Tried, tested, and recommended by experts.

They’ve sailed around the Globe, been put through their paces by running experts, and have accompanied adventurers across the world, and the verdict is unanimous that Howlin' consistently excels in both style and performance.


So there it is, Howlin'; the most versatile pair of sunglasses on the market and the perfect combination of classic style and maximum performance. 

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