5 benefits of Heron Mountain: the ultimate all-round sunglasses for the mountains

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In addition to their distinctive style, the Heron Mountain provide a host of other benefits. Take a look at our top 5. 

1.     Protective side shields 

Based on a classic alpine design, the Heron Mountain features leather side shields and a detachable center piece to block out sunlight and protect against glare. This reduces eyestrain and protects against strong sunlight, allowing for unrivaled all-day comfort. 


2.     An ultra-lightweight TR90® frame

The frame is made from Swiss-invented TR90® polyamide. This is the material of choice for sports sunglasses where performance is key, such as cycling, due to it being extremely durable, yet remarkably lightweight. This means the Heron Mountain are comfortable to wear even during long days on the trail.


3.    Adjustable stay-on temples

Stay-on temples that fit snugly around your ears is a crucial feature during serious mountaineering when you cannot risk losing your sunglasses. A common issue with stay-on temples is that they can cause pain if they press against the ears for long periods of time. However, the material of the Heron Mountain is fully adjustable and can be shaped in any shape or form, allowing both a more secure fit around your ears and prevents any pressure on the ears. 

4.    Shatterproof anti-fog lenses

The lens is made from polycarbonate, known for being so impact-resistant that it can be deemed shatterproof. This is important from a safety perspective if one were ever to take a tumble. Additionally, the lens is treated with anti-fog coating to ensure fog-free vision, while the brown tint is the ideal color choice for increased contrasts and depth perception during both summer and winter activities. 


Heron Mountain Green

5.     100% UVA+UVB Protection

Last but definitely not least, the lens is UV400 certified meaning it protects against 100% of harmful UVA+UVB rays. The category 3 lens has a 12% VLT which, combined with the leather side shields, means your eyes are fully protected even in extreme conditions. For those who prefer an even darker lens, the Heron-range also include our glacier glasses that come with a category 4 lens. 


Heron Mountain are available in black, brown, and green. Click here to get yours.

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