4 reasons why VALLON Watchtowers™ are the best sustainable cycling sunglasses on the market

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Superior sustainable vision - meet VALLON’s latest product, the Watchtowers™. Inspired by an iconic 80s shape, built with modern day performance technology and purpose built for cycling; discover your new favorite sunglasses today.

Here are 4 reasons why we believe VALLON Watchtowers™ are the world’s best sustainable cycling sunglasses!


Super sustainable frames

The Watchtowers™ frames are made from a material created using 85% recycled fishing nets. These scrap nets are collected from oceans and coastlines, cleaned in India, and then fused into a highly durable nylon 6 - making it perfect for performance sunglasses.

This material is sturdy yet flexible and enables us to use the same material from brow to temple end. Where the design tapers gives the Watchtowers™ uniquely soft temples which are ultra flexible, yet resilient. Like memory foam, the temple ends contour to your preferred shape behind your ears. Combined with a rubber layer, this keeps them secure no matter how rough the route and also alleviates pressure on the mastoid area behind your ears when out for long days on your bike.

VALLON Watchtowers Dark Teal Copper

Watchtowers™ are built to last

Inspired by a minimalist 80s silhouette, the result is a clean, lightweight (32g) and aerodynamic single-lens product, built for modern-day performance. As well as featuring super durable frames, the Watchtowers™ have shatterproof Cat. 3 polycarbonate lenses, providing ultraclear protection from airborne debris, and of course, 100% UV protection

They are available in three classic colorways: Black Smoke, Dark Teal Copper, and Silver Blue, featuring lenses co-developed with leading optics specialist, Carl ZEISS. All Watchtowers™ models incorporate ZEISS’s RiPel technology, a best-in-class hydrophobic and oleophobic coating that repels both water and oil.

They come with three interchangeable soft silicone nose pads, purposefully designed to provide extra comfort, security - and most importantly - adjustable ventilation. Whether you’re pushing uphill offroad, or sweeping down tarmac - find the perfect level of airflow to keep your vision clear; and mind focussed.

VALLON Watchtowers in Black Smoke, Silver Blue, and Dark Teal Copper

Minimal packaging, minimal impact

Creating sustainable products doesn’t end with the finished sunglasses model. All our eyewear is delivered in environmentally conscious, plastic-free packaging. The Watchtowers™ come in a soft sunglasses pouch, and are delivered to customers in a VALLON box.

VALLON Watchtowers Gravel Biking

1kg of plastic cleaned up and recycled for every pair sold

Doing our bit for people and planet: We are big believers in nature connectedness, and want to do our part to tackle the single use plastics pandemic. We have partnered with Empower, leaders in circular plastic ecosystems, to help fund community cleanups worldwide. To date, VALLON customers have supported the collection of 127,871 kg of plastic waste. (That’s the equivalent of 3,469,290 plastic bottles). You can learn more about our Sustainability initiatives here.

VALLON Watchtowers Gravel Biking

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