For Those Adventuring Somewhere Warm this Winter - Best Vacation Sunglasses Guide 2024

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Your Sunglasses Guide for Warm Winter Vacations in 2024

For those lucky few who plan to escape the winter to warmer spots, we've got you and your eyes covered. Whether it's a trip to the beach, exploring the jungle, or taking the boat out on the water, do it in style with some of our favourite picks.

For those hitting the beach:

Howlin, Waylons, Surf Aviators

Howlin’: Chase warmth during the winter with the Howlin'. (Check out our favourite, Sage color). These sunglasses should be your go-to for any adventure. With VALLON V52® lenses and a sports headstrap, the Howlin’ seamlessly transitions from jungle runs to basking in the sun.

Waylons: A harmonious blend of style and performance, the Waylons are handcrafted for durability and lightweight comfort. Ideal for sun-soaked days, these sunglasses ensure you need never compromise on style, no matter where your escapades take you.

 Surf Aviators: If you're captivated by our Ski Aviators, the Surf collection is a must-see. With seven color options to choose from, stand out from the ordinary on the beach this season. Channel the spirit of the 70s in modern functionality with the Surf Aviators, featuring polarized green-tinted V52® optics for exceptional clarity.


Outdoor Exploration:

Heron MountainHowlin'


Heron Mountain: Unlike the Heron Glacier, the Heron Mountain has a lighter Cat. 3 lens, proving to be the perfect pair of sunglasses while out hiking, near the water, and climbing. The side-shields are great to block out the sun, so if you're planning a long day outside these are the perfect choice.



Howlin': One of our most popular products, the Howlin' is a great choice for any adventure lover. These multi-functional sunglasses are ideal for hiking, biking, running, and posting up by a palm tree. The head-strap comes in handy when you're working out as the glasses stick to your head a lot better and won't bounce around. Coming in four colors (Dark Tortoise, Black, Sage, and Tortoise), these iconic sunglasses fit any style.


Open Water Adventures:

Heron OceanMalizia

Heron Ocean: This polarized version of the Heron family is perfect for any boat day. Coming in black and blue, the Heron Ocean has adjustable arms to fit your face so when the sailing gets rough you won't have to worry about losing these sunglasses. On top of this - our sunglasses are built to block out the suns harmful reflection on the water, proving to be suitable for any water adventure. 

Malizia: Worn by Borris Herrman and Team Malizia, we have crafted the ultimate sailing sunglasses made from sustainable materials. 85% of the frame is made from recycled fishing nets and feature a wraparound fit so you can look stylish on and off the water. Another bonus of these glasses is our pledge that for every pair sold we will be donating 10 mangroves to the Malizia Mangrove Park.


Thats a wrap on our Warm Winter Vacations Sunglasses Guide for 2024! Enjoy the sun, and do it in style.


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