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As the curtains have closed on an action-packed 2023 season, it's time to unravel the gripping narrative woven by Team Malizia—a collective of sailors who have navigated a year replete with challenges and triumphs. Over the 12 months, this team traversed the vast seas, conquered obstacles, and celebrated numerous victories.

The saga began in January 2023 with The Ocean Race, a daring 6-month global expedition marked by a five-member crew and an unyielding team spirit, culminating in an impressive 3rd place finish. A crucial summer refit paved the way for captivating performances in the double-handed Défi Azimut and Transat Jacques Vabre, where Team Malizia secured the 7th position in both races. The narrative took a solo turn when Boris, the intrepid skipper, embarked on the Retour à La Base transatlantic race, clinching an admirable 4th place and concluding the year on a triumphant note.

The vessel at the heart of this odyssey, the Malizia - Seaexplorer, covered a staggering 47,718 nautical miles over 121 days, 20 hours, 28 minutes, and 56 seconds in 2023 (excluding deliveries and training). To put it in perspective, that's a remarkable 88,374 kilometres—more than twice the circumference of the Equator in just a single year.

In the latest update on Team Malizia's endeavours, Boris Herrmann's solo feat in the Retour à La Base race showcased resilience across 4,490 nautical miles from the Caribbean to Brittany. His 4th place finish not only elevated the team's spirits but also served as a testament to the meticulous training and teamwork invested throughout the year.

Boris shared his thoughts, stating, "Before the race, the focus was not only on the ranking but also on training and learning more about the boat and himself during solo sailing. Today, he feels that he achieved that goal. A top-five finish was optimistic given the competition, but Team Malizia did it! The boat performed exceptionally well, Boris felt comfortable sailing solo again, and this result is a testament to the outstanding teamwork displayed throughout the year."

As winter approaches, the vessel is set to undergo a comprehensive refit, complete with new foils, in anticipation of the 2024 season. The upcoming challenges include the Transat CIC and the New York-Vendée transatlantic solo races in April, followed by Boris's second Vendée Globe in November. The narrative may have unfolded in 2023, a year marked by triumphs, but the world eagerly awaits the mysteries that 2024 holds for Team Malizia.

Beyond the realm of competitive sailing, VALLON and Team Malizia's commitment to sustainability shines through their eco-conscious initiative of the Mangrove park in Indonesia. An impressive 85% of the Malizia sunglasses frame is crafted from recycled fishing nets. When individuals purchase the Howlin' Malizia Edition glasses, inspired by Boris's epic voyage, they contribute to planting 10 mangrove trees at the Malizia Mangrove farm in Indonesia, bringing Team Malizia closer to their ultimate environmental goal.


To maintain transparency on progress and the tangible impact of contributions, Team Malizia diligently publishes monthly results alongside captivating drone recordings and Google Earth maps images on the Malizia Park website. Join this thrilling journey, and together, let's navigate the seas of sustainability and adventure in the upcoming year.

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