Surf Aviators: 70's Style fused with modern performance

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The Surf Aviators combine the best of the 70s with everything you need from your modern sunglasses. 

 The epitome of cool, this type of aviator frame dominating ski culture in the 70s and early 80s and was worn by everyone from the greatest skiers to the biggest movie stars. They came in all different sizes and colors. And then they disappeared... 


VALLON has therefore made it their mission to bring it back - this time in a unique, polarized version adapted for everyday use, called the Surf Aviators. Updated with high-performance materials and a modified design allowing for a more modern fit.


Featuring a durable cellulose acetate frame, the sunglasses are built for an active lifestyle, surviving the physical tests of travel whilst remaining lightweight at just 32 grams. A shiny finish gives them a premium look and feel, and a variety of different color options are available. 

As with all VALLONs eyewear, a high-specification lens is paramount to the overall performance, and the surf aviators are no exception. 

The category 3 lens is crafted from durable tri-acetate cellulose, a non-petroleum-based material that delivers outstanding clarity in addition to its strength. 100% UVA/UVB protection ensures maximum protection for your eyes, and the lens is polarized to enable a more comfortable experience on or near water. 

Recently reviewed by surf and outdoor experts, The Inertia, the aviators were reported as:

"Flexy and light, they fit well, looked good, and as an added bonus came in one of the best soft-shell sunglass cases I’ve ever owned. Made of classy faux leather with an easy-to-use magnetic closure and a stiff molded body, when they’re in the case I have zero qualms about throwing my Surf Aviators into the bottom of my backpack, knowing I’ll retrieve them without a scratch."


As well as radiating out good vibes on the beach, VALLON's plastic cleanup initiative means that every pair sold is helping to clean up at least 1kg of plastic waste from coastlines across the world. 

Surf aviators are available here for purchase from the VALLON store.  

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