Horse Riding Sunglasses

Stylish, impact resistant and with an adjustable headstrap.



"Whether you’re in the stables, the countryside, or the city, the Waylons are the only sunglasses you’ll ever need."


A timeless design

Handcrafted from premium acetate, the Waylons combine a classic lifestyle design with high-performance optics and added safety features perfectly suited for horse riding.


Adjustable headstrap

When you’re out horse jumping or on a hack in the forest, you definitely don't want your sunglasses to fall off. The Waylons come with an adjustable and detachable headstrap which guarantees your sunglasses stay on at all times!


Polarized lenses

Optimum clarity is guaranteed thanks to polarized, brown-tinted lenses that enhance contrasts and are ideal for long hours spent outside. The lenses are rated Cat. 3 and provide UV400 protection.


Impact resistant

The lenses are made from nylon polyamide, one of the most impact resistant materials on the market and most commonly used for high-performance sports eyewear. Having strong and durable lenses is a crucial safety feature should one fall off the horse...

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