Welcome to the team.

What is the VALLON Sports Club?

We are crafting a close-knit community for athletes and outdoor creators. The aim of the VSC is to facilitate more adventures, forge connections, and build a better brand together.

As a member, you’ll be eligible to these sweet deals:

  1. Capture your adventures while wearing VALLONs and we will buy each photo for $150.
  2. Get access to unique deals with renowned outdoor brands like FATMAP, Adventure Base, and Jöttnar, offering you discounts, complimentary trials, and more!
  3. Connecting with unique outdoor creators and athletes through our VSC instagram where we post our unique deals, spotlight members, and more!

We envision this as the beginning of a long-term partnership, and look forward to seeing you sport VALLON gear for many years to come!

VALLON Sports Club

Our members in the field

Any questions, ideas, or general VSC inquiries - feel free to email our Community Manager Alec, at [email protected].

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