Winter Sunglasses Guide 2024

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Conquer the Mountains in Style: Your Comprehensive Winter Sunglasses Guide for 2024 


Embrace the season of snow-clad landscapes and the invigorating thrill of ski adventures with our curated selection of sunglasses. At VALLON, we're dedicated to ensuring your eyes stay shielded while you conquer winter's challenges. Let's delve into our top picks for key winter events, blending style with unbeatable performance.


On the Slopes / Backcountry:

Ski Aviators, Heron Glacier, and Watchtowers™

Ski Aviators: Revisit the golden era of skiing with a touch of modern flair. Inspired by the iconic styles of the 70s and 80s, our mirrored Ski Aviators offer not just a fashion statement, but an upgraded lens for enhanced visibility. Say 'yes' to nostalgia with a spectrum of colors to choose from.

Heron Glacier: A testament to enduring design, the Heron Glacier - now in its 4th generation - caters to the mountain enthusiasts and professionals. Equipped with leather side-shields, these sunglasses cut glare and provide exceptional optical clarity, ensuring your eyes are protected during your mountain escapades. Discover the timeless charm of the Heron Glacier today.

Watchtowers™: Breaking the stereotype that they're just for biking, our Watchtowers™ redefine versatility in sports eyewear. The seamless wraparound lens and temple design offers a sleek, updated look, making them ideal for any adventure—especially your next ski trip. Command the mountains with confidence in Watchtowers™.

Après Ski:

Hazlewood, Ski Aviators

Hazlewood: Transition seamlessly from the slopes, to après ski parties with the Hazlewood. A classic style fused with performance materials, these sunglasses are designed for life in the mountains. The rounded aviator shape and mirrored lenses exude 80s glamour, ensuring you're the life of the party.

Ski Aviators: The revival of the Ski Aviators extends beyond the slopes. Transform them into a fashion statement for your post-ski events. Our exclusive Red Ski Aviators are the perfect accessory to elevate your vintage ski suit or winter outfit, available only at VALLON.

Elevate your winter adventures with VALLON's curated sunglasses collection. Whether you're conquering the slopes or enjoying après ski festivities, our sunglasses blend style and performance to complement your winter escapades. Choose VALLON, and embrace the peak of winter style and functionality.

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