New: Stairways™ - an homage to the past, ready for the future

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Introducing Stairways™. No hefty logos dominating the strap, no REVO lens garishly beaming out; we have stayed true to our values and designed our new goggle using the purity of 70s style intertwined with cutting-edge eyewear technology. 

The classic striped strap is striking, yet simple, and exudes the timeless style that defined the era. An off-white or dark midnight blue frame completes the look.

Although the style is 70s, you won't be finding these in your Grandparents attic. Triple-layer foam sits along the an ultra-flexible TPU frame and our shatterproof VIZ² lens filters out 100% of all UVA and UVB rays up to 400 nm.

Whilst the original 70's goggles may have fogged up like a smoke machine at a school disco, the Stairways™ incorporate flow-tech vents and an anti-fog coating to ensure maximum ventilation. 

We know the importance of maximum vision and flawless clarity for a successful day on the mountain, which is why the oversized frame sits close to the face and allows outstanding peripheral vision through the Cat. 2 anti-reflective smoke lens.

We are proud to launch the Stairways™ as an example of how classic design fused with cutting-edge technology can form a truly original ski goggle.


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