Antarctic Adventures

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From the clear waters of The Philippines to the misty heights of the Bavarian Alps, Hubert Neufield has filmed in some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet, so a trip to Antarctica in February this year was not something to turn down.

Hubert traveled to Antarctica with his friend Ruben Hein to film a cinematic travel documentary, using high-end, Helium 8K cinematic camera equipment to capture the stunning icy landscape and its incredible wildlife in its full glory. 

Their ship, Hondius, took them from The Falkland Islands through to South Georgia, Elephant Island, Antarctica, and the Polar Circle.

The story aims to show Ruben, a fully-fledged nature enthusiast, exploring the beautiful Antarctic environment, finding the peace that inspires his music and compositions.

An area rich in wildlife, the expedition offered plentiful opportunities to get up close and personal with 6 different kinds of penguins, as well as seals, seabirds and several species of whale. 


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In addition to providing the best light for capturing the lives of the animals, the bright sunshine and the reflections off glistening glaciers and icebergs can be harmful to the keen eye of a filmmaker, so we set Hubert up with the Heron Glacier 2.0.

Out on the small Zodiac boats "it gets super windy, so the glasses were in fact very useful and I was wearing them constantly ... The glasses were great for Antarctica".


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