Trekking Essentials: Your Top 5 Spring Hiking Must-Haves

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Embarking on a hiking adventure in the heart of springtime is a glorious opportunity to submerge yourself in the vibrant allure of nature - refreshed and renewed after the winter's slumber.

Whether you're traversing craggy mountain paths or ambling through verdant woodland, possessing the right gear can significantly enhance your outdoor escapades. Join VALLON's Community Manager, Alec, as he delves into his top 5 gear essentials for spring hiking that should be on every adventurer's checklist - including the incomparable VALLON sunglasses..


1. Appropriate Footwear

"Growing up amidst the majestic grandeur of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, footwear was a fast-depleting commodity. Every weekend my Dad would take my siblings and I up to the mountains to relish in isolated outdoor spaces and fresh pine-scented air. One thing my Dad taught me at a young age was always bring the appropriate footwear for the occasion. From hiking boots to Tevas, Keen, and even Crocs, my feet have worn them all. After many years spent in the woods, my go-to options for hiking shoes are Oboz hiking boots and Salomon's trail running shoes. One for ankle stability and water-protection, the other for speed and light-weight. (And as a bonus for your 'camp' shoes I love a good pair of Chacos)."


2. Adaptable Lightweight Layers

"The ever-changing nature of spring weather calls for attire that can be adjusted to accommodate fluctuating temperatures. I swear by a few remarkable base-layers from REI & The North Face that have endured the test of time and remain in excellent condition. Colorado mornings can be a bit chilly, which is why I always pack a few base layers to keep me warm and also serve as sun protection when hiking during the day."


3. A High Quality Bag

"For those who, like me, relish all-day hikes, a high-quality lightweight bag is non-negotiable, with comfort and space being of lots of space is importance. The Hyperlite SUMMIT 30 bag, which has accompanied me on numerous adventures, is a standout favorite. I've fallen in the water doing deep water solos with it, took it up and around the Dolomites, and have used it as an everyday beach bag. It's held up under rain and heat - need I say more?"


4. Snacks and Nutrition

"Being a dedicated trail muncher, packing an abundance of snacks and treats for full-day hikes is a must. While living in Europe as an expat has its ups and downs, I do miss certain American snacks. Trader Joe's Trail Mixes and Clif Bars are two items I always stock. Sandwiches prepared the night before, a selection of fruit, and a handful of peanut M&Ms as a celebratory treat upon reaching the summit are other favorites."

5. Superior Quality Sunglasses

"I've tried numerous brands - Oakley, Ray-Bans, Smith, and even some garbage pairs from gas stations. But my go-to hiking and everyday sunglasses are the VALLON Howlin'. They're extremely lightweight, the lens color is fantastic, and the headstrap is handy for trail running. I am impressed with their resilience and durability, having survived extensive travel and rough handling without a scratch." 


Equipped with the right gear and a spirit of readiness, spring hiking opens up a world of exploration and adventure in the heart of nature. From suitable footwear and adaptable layers to navigational aids and sun protection, each item plays a crucial role in ensuring a safe and enjoyable hike. So tie up those boot laces, gather your gear, and set off on a springtime odyssey to witness the splendor of nature's rebirth. Here's to happy trails!

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