New: Heron Glacier and Mountain Glasses

Posted by Chris Clarke on

Giving an upgrade to our iconic Heron Glacier and Mountain glasses was never going to be easy, but based on feedback from our community, we have refined the features and design to create a more comfortable and better-looking version of our alpine classics.

The new model features fully-adaptable, textured TPE ear temples for a more comfortable and secure fit, as well as an improved ventilation system to prevent condensation.

They retain the iconic Alpine style and builds on the success of the previous design, incorporating high-performance, durable materials that make them ideal for high-altitude sports, ski-touring, and mountaineering.

Key Updates:

  • Adjustable TP1 temples ensure a comfortable fit, with a textured surface for enhanced grip.
  • Transparent plastic sleeves are removed in favor of a sleek matte design that enhances the overall look and increases durability/product lifespan.
  • Ventilation hole sizing has been optimized to allow maximum breathability.

Get your new Heron Glacier and Heron Mountain glasses here.

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