5 reasons Heron Glacier are the ideal companion for ski touring

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Long days out on the snow mean serious eye protection is essential, here are 5 reasons why Heron Glacier are up to the task. 


1. An ultra-lightweight TR90® frame

The frame is made from Swiss-invented TR90® polyamide, an extremely durable, yet remarkably lightweight material. This means the Heron Glacier don't weight heavy on the ears and are comfortable to wear even on long ski touring adventures! 


2. Category 4 anti-fog lenses

The lens is made from shatterproof polycarbonate, an important consideration from a safety perspective if one were prone to falling! The brown tint is optimal for snow as the warm perception enhances contrasts, while hydrophobic coating prevents condensation and fogging during long ascents. The ultra-clear Cat. 4 lenses have a 6% VLT, which reduces eyestrain and provide all-day comfort.  

3. Protective side shields 

A key feature of the classic glacier glasses design, the Heron Glacier features leather side shields and a detachable center piece in order to block out sunlight and protect against glare. The purpose of this is to reduce eyestrain and protect against strong sunlight, allowing for all-day comfort. 


4. Adjustable side temples

A snug fit around your ears is crucial for ski touring, when extended period of wear are common. The side temples on the Heron Glaciers are fully adjustable, and can be easily moulded to any shape or form, allowing a more comfortable and secure fit around your ears. 

5. A nod to alpine history

The round lens shape, the side shields and center piece, as well as the mirrored effect of the polycarbonate lens; there's no denying that the design of the glacier glasses is simply iconic. Trusted by mountaineers and ski tour enthusiasts across the ages, we have brought modern material technology to a timeless design.


Heron Glacier are available in black or brown. Click here to get yours. 



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