Best Womens Summer Sunglasses for 2024

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Welcome to the VALLON Women's Summer Sunglasses Guide! As the seasons turn, it's time to find the perfect pair of shades.

From beach days, to city style - discover the season's top trends, tips for your face shape, and care advice to keep your sunglasses stylish and protective all summer long.


Inspiration: 50s high-fashion rectangular sunglasses

Best for: Casual weekends and sporty afternoons

USPs: Excellent optical clarity (the best sports lenses on the market for optical clarity), paired with stylish, handcrafted acetate frame

Size Guide: Designed for Women with a Narrow or Medium face

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Inspiration: 80s mono-lens shield design

Best for: Cycling and ski touring

USPs: Best-in-class ZEISS lenses, built with sustainable and highly durable frames. The Watchtowers’ frames are made from 85% recycled fishing nets.

Size Guide: Shield design suits most faces

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Inspiration: Classic acetate sunglasses shape with a modern fit

Best for: Hybrid days for women with an active lifestyle

USPs: Premium acetate frames featuring a unique detachable sports headstrap that keeps your sunglasses secure, no matter the activity.

Size Guide: Designed for Women with a Medium face

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Heron Mountain

Inspiration: Classic side shield silhouette reinvented for all-round mountain days

Best for: Modern-day explorers and weekend adventurers seeking superior eye protection and classic style.

USPs: Genuine leather side shields and a detachable nosepiece provide extra protection from glare, dust and wind (as well as a distinctive look!).

Size Guide: Designed for Women with a Medium or Wide face

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Top Tips for Looking After Your Favorite Sunglasses

All VALLON eyewear is made with premium materials and like all nice things, require a little TLC.

If you find yourself by the pool or sea - exposing your sunglasses to suncream, sweat, or salt water - take the time to rinse them under the tap for a few minutes to get rid of any residue and substances that may affect the frame or lens coatings.

After rinsing your sunglasses, dry them off with your VALLON microfiber cloth (avoid using t-shirts, towels or paper towels as these can be tough on the lenses and cause abrasion over time). Explore, rinse, repeat, and enjoy your sunglasses!

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