Waylons vs June: Buyer's Guide

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What happened when we pitted two of our top selling lifestyle sunglasses against each other?

We put the Waylons and June through their paces to help you decide which pair you should go for this season.


Waylons vs June

Waylons are a seasoned VALLON favorite - a classic round shape designed for a modern, sporty fit.

June are a new release for this year - inspired by a 50s rectangular shape with a hint of cateye, they have a more everyday city style aesthetic.

But which one is right for you?

Shape & Style

Waylons: Looking for an alternative to more mainstream round acetate sunglasses? The Waylons are the perfect sunglasses for you. Made from handcrafted acetate, the round shape suits both men and women and can be adapted for sports or relaxed weekends.

June: For those seeking 50s style paired with a high-polished acetate finish, June are the right option. Sophisticated with a refined rectangular design, they come in a selection of classic colors to suit every outfit and occasion.

Adventuring Outdoors

Winner: Waylons

Although the Waylons and June are both fitted with performance V52® lenses - the Waylons are the winning pair for outdoor antics and adventures! A key USP of the Waylons is their detachable sports headstrap that can be quickly clipped on and off for sporty pursuits. A subtle design feature that keeps your sunglasses secure no matter what.

Travel & City Exploration

Winner: June

For city-centred adventures and formal occasions, the June are the perfect pair of sunglasses from dawn till dusk. Their handcrafted frames have a high polish finish giving clean, classic style to any wardrobe choice. Their adjustable temple ends containing a metal core also help you find the perfect fit behind your ears for all day comfort.

Lens Tech

The Waylons and June feature VALLON’s leading performance lenses. V52® are best-in-class lenses made from nylon polyamide, providing exceptional clarity (ABBE value 52), exceeding the visual acuity provided by similar sunglasses on the market. A lightweight material, they also provide Cat. 3 protection - ideal for bright, sunny days.

Have confidence outdoors this summer with 100% UV protection guaranteed by Waylons and June.

What’s in the box?

Waylons and June are delivered in plastic-free packaging in a sturdy VALLON box, along with a stylish faux leather hardcase, and a microfiber cloth to keep your sunnies clean and polished all year round.

Which style did you choose? Shop Waylons and June today.

For every pair of sunglasses sold, VALLON has pledged to clean up and recycle 1kg of plastic waste. 

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